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Dec 24, - Great game i love it but you need to fix that the scenes are random If you buy the porn and Loane runs to the bathroom to fix her makeup, she finds the mag and sex · adult · 3d. You might also enjoy Chloe18 Vacations V Public FEATUREDCONTENT. Games Movies Audio Art Channels Users.

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At the end of the first week Chloe and the other Officers will learn of a Sex Trafficking Ring situated somewhere in town. The next week will take Chloe through the discovery of the Trafficking Ring, but to rightfully bring it down, it needs to henta3dxxx Infiltrated.

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This is where Chloe will go Undercover in the Trafficking ring as a "Hostess". The 118 of the game will then depend on the choices the player makes for Chloe.

18 dawnload game chloe 3d

There is obviously a lot more going on, but 188 playing the game will reveal these things. Will you get Chloe to the end of the case?

game 3d chloe dawnload 18

Or will she fall into a Bad Ending? That's all up to you and the choices you make! You could take Chloe for a photoshoot?


game dawnload chloe 18 3d

Who knows, you decide. All scenes on the weekends are based on choice and the level of corruption you are at.

18 dawnload chloe 3d game

If you're not corrupt enough then you won't be able to access a scene, but fear not! You can always go back at chloe 18 3d game dawnload later time and there are NPC's plotted all over which can help you to either get your Morale Corruption Higher, or Lower. The amount of Corruption you have will determine how Chloe reacts in certain scenarios.

3d game dawnload chloe 18

Some times you might get better scenes with High amounts of CP, or sometimes you might get better scenes with Low amounts of CP. Here are a couple of dawnloae of CG's using 3D images that will be used in chloe 18 3d game dawnload game: It's up to you. The Custom Sounds range from a simple sound of the character eating food, to the sound of the car as she travels to work.

3d chloe dawnload 18 game

Link to the full-game without DLC's is found below. This isn't to the standard my work is at right now, due to the fact I'm constantly learning and improving things as I go. To find out all the improvements feel free to support me!

3d game dawnload chloe 18

In addition to my main game I have also completed two mini-games: My first mini-game is a Halloween based game which takes place at a house party which Chloe attends. There are several scenes included in this mini-game.

18 3d dawnload chloe game

Chloe arriving at the party: My second mini-game is a Christmas game chloe 18 3d game dawnload takes place when Chloe went home on year for Christmas. This is where she meets up with her perverted Step-Dad and his equally perverted Son. Chloe being asked to play Blackjack by her Step-Dad and chole friends: Both of these mini-games are available as rewards for certain Patrons.

3d game 18 dawnload chloe

I'm also working on a third mini-game which isn't based on Chloe, but a new protagonist, Sarah. August 18, August 18, 0.

game 3d dawnload 18 chloe

Broken Youth — Chapter 1 — Part 1 [v1. December 8, December 8, 0.

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March 22, 0. September 12, September 12, 0.

game 3d dawnload 18 chloe

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Christie's Room - Laura Escape This is an interactive 3d comic with multiple paths and endings. Our goal is to help amazon girl Laura to escape from a tribe of the perverted assholes. 3r

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