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Watch Legend of Krystal (ver 2) - Sex Scene Compilation on kuechen-trends.info, the best It's an incomplete game but has a lot of potential. 2.

kari legend of krystal

Please do not post request-threads, and avoid posting artwork that legend of krystal kari not your own unless it is being used as a reference. As yet i dont have any ideas on the theme or storyline of the game, im just trying to learn how it all works. So if anyone has any ideas for the storyline, please do kair me know, im always looking for ideas.

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I have been looking through the many, many, many great posts of this forum and seen some truely jaw dropping works. I have yet to try creating my own characters but Id love to try to use legend of krystal kari people's if you'd allow it if so, please post me either a link or the files of characters you'd let me play with, many many thanks.

For now im just using Krystal as the 'starlett' but beasties would be much appreciated. Id like to post updates here too if thats ok, purely for comments legend of krystal kari suggestions, anyway i can make things video game porn comic and learn would be fantastic.

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Anyway, on with what i made: Its a very simple scrolling platform like the original. Horsepornhentai far i krywtal have 4 areas and only 2 animations, one of which isnt my work. Please do tell me what you think.

krystal legend kari of

Three buttons at the top of the screen change her outfit and the two below it change the amount of 'mess' legend of krystal kari Krystal. Although you'll have to use the bathing pond to remove mess not manualy created. So yeh, thats pretty much it.

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Ok well, here is legend of krystal kari second attachment of progress. Ok so still not a real game. I made amendments as suggested and added another custom animation. Found a few offline sex games bugs too while testing so hopefully i have those all sorted out.

It's what happens when you go full screen sometimes on flashes. I remember when the Legend of Krystal "game" got so much flak because the creator legend of krystal kari it, while numerous fans tried their hand making follow-up projects that ultimately went nowhere causing -them- to be bitched at. Now someone is actually following through with consistent updates and people are -still- bitching.

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It's like Jay Naylor all over again- even when he makes a gay porn comic or one that doesn't have injected political views, people -still- find something to bitch about. Is there any way to change her clothes?

of kari legend krystal

Or they completely removed that option? Right on dude, honestly I love this game and I want it to continue until it is done.

She's back and as always, she's ready to fuck it all in the name of screwing Fox over! Yeah! Click to play free Legend of Krystal v3 online!

If anyone says otherwise forget 'em. Also Jay Naylor is a good artist I couldn't care less about lefend views. Legend of krystal kari the way where are you guys finding these updates is there another site that lists all the updates in order?

She may ask you to help with the night shift.

Confinement Basement

When the two guys come in, say "no" to them xP. Well its starts me where Krystal and the dino chick is, but I have been legend of krystal kari that damn Start Day and nothing happens I'm not sure what's going on here.

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All I can do is legend of krystal kari her work, and she's always to stressed to do anything now, or make her talk to townsfolk. Interns aren't obligated to stay. TThe legend of krystal another tail v0 1. This contact belongs to adminxsk Add to Address Book.

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kari legend of krystal

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